The Situation of Human Rights in Syria

CSID Monthly Lecture Series

The Situation of Human Rights in Syria

Delivered by: Radwan Ziadeh on Friday, May  26,  2006 (12:00 Noon 1:30 PM). The lecture was in Arabic, and translation was provided. 


Recent arrests of democracy and human rights activists in Syria have sent the message that political reforms in Syria have reached a dead-end.  Are President Bashar al-Assad and the Baath regime in Syria interested in genuine political reforms and in respecting basic freedoms in Syria?  We will hear from one of the leading voices for reforms, human rights, and democracy in Syria.


About the Speaker: 


Radwan Ziadeh is editor of Tayyarat magazine, Director of the Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies, and a member of several human rights associations in Syria.  He wrote about 10 books on democracy, human rights, and modernizing Islamic thought, including “Islam in a Changing World”. He also writes regularly for many Arabic publications, including the London-based Al-Hayat, the Lebanese dailies Al-Mustaqbal, Al-Balad and An-Nahar, the Daily Star, as well as Al-Ghad in Jordan. 


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